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Simplicity Bra Kit

Simplicity™ Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit

Can Boost your Milk Output as much as 40%* plus work on phone or computer!


This innovative bra kit gives moms the ability to complety empty their breast with using the hands on pumping technique. This has been shown in clinical studies at Standford University to boost milk supply of new preemie moms by as much as 45%. Simplicity™ introduces affordable and effective hands free pumping kit which is easy to use and very affordable. Simplicity can hold your breast pump horns while you can massage your breasts to empty them more fully. The secret is that most breast pumps do not completely empty your breasts. When you empty your breasts completely this signals your body to make more milk. You must manually massage areas of the breast to completely empty your breasts. Completely instructions on Hands on Pumping using Simplicity™ are included. Simplicity™ holds your breastpump horns and you do the rest. Easy, quickly, and Hands on Pumping will sustain and boost your milk supply. Many mothers in the Stanford Study felt that their breast pump only removed about 50% of the milk from their breast using the best efficient breastpumps on the market. Using Simplicity plus Hands on Pumping can Really Helps and Make a Difference!Simplicity also frees up a new moms hands while she is double pumping for other tasks or allowing them to simply relax while using their breast pump, a valuable gift of time for new mothers. The patent pending design is adjustable in size and will sustain a perfect fit over time as a nursing mother’s size changes. And its incredibly simple and affordable. Moms can use simplicity to free up some time at the beginning of breast pumping, and then to gain more output at the end of pumping use of hands on pumping seems to greatly enhance milk output.      

 *J. Morton et. Al Combining hand techniques with electric pumping increases milk production in mothers of preterm infants. J of Perinology (2009) 29 757-764

What Our Customers Say:

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simple design and works well, February 15, 2014
Rachel B (TEXAS) –
I had been considering purchasing a hands-free pumping bra, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money that they are asking for those. I made one myself out of an old sports-bra, but it was just so tight and constricting that I ended up with friction sores on the sides of my breasts and I couldn’t produce much milk, either. I was looking around for alternatives and found this hands-free kit. It’s very simplistic – material is like shoe laces around your neck and an elastic band around your waist, but it’s pretty genius! It works really well and I don’t have to get undressed, put on a special bra and then cover up a bit to pump. I can use any nursing bra and either wear this thing under my clothes/over my bra or put this on over my shirt and just lift it up and hook it on when it’s time to pump. Granted, if you wear it under your clothes it looks a little awkward because the adjuster beads are right in the center of the breast so it looks like your hi-beams are on always 🙂 So I wouldn’t do that in public, but around the house is no big deal. I bought 2 and I have one at home and take one with me to work. I’d definitely recommend this for someone who pumps at work because it’s quick and easy to use, it’s discreet and takes up no space in a pump bag. Also to anyone who just can’t see spending $40 on a bra with holes in it…this $10 miracle is worth it! I can see the elastic band around the waist wearing out quickly, but it’s easy to replace at your local craft store or cheap enough to buy a whole new one if the elastic wears out too quickly.

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5.0 out of 5 stars So much better than Medela, February 27, 2014
Jen –
I bought the medela hands free and the rumina hands free and this worked so much better for me and was so much cheaper. The others I purchased were very uncomfortable and a pain to adjust. If you are pumping multiple times a day that is clearly an issue. Wish I would have bought this first. It is fully adjustable and the one size fits all should work for most pumping moms.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Simple and easy to use over clothes, February 17, 2014
T. Dolorico “drdonuttail” (Escondido, CA, USA) –
So I’m not certain whether this is s&m inspired or the workings of a bored conference attendee, but this product has been helpful for pumping. It’s easy to use after the first time – definitely don’t trash the instruction brochure until you’ve put it together. It’s easy to adjust and use over or under clothing for attaching the pump pieces. Very lightweight. The product is basically a couple of lanyards and a ribbon of fabric. The company could stand to make the product a little more fancy for the price, but given the convenience, I would purchase this again.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it for plus size women too!, March 15, 2014
Val –
I was unsure about purchasing this, because my bra size is 44DD, and also because I pump into 8oz glass Evenflo bottles. I also wear women’s 3x shirt and had no idea if this thing would come even close to working for me but at just ten bucks, it was worth a shot. I’m delighted to say that this works just as I had hoped! It seems like there is actually plenty of room for larger women than myself to successful use this. I’m pumping with my Medela as I type this, and I haven’t lost suction at all. I’m not sure how it would hold up if I stood up and walked around, but the main reason I wanted this is so I can play on my phone while I pump. I’ve also been known to fall asleep when pumping, and this will definitely keep everything in place. Definitely worth the $10!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Affordable and fantastic!, March 5, 2014
MD –
This product looks complicated but it is so easy! Once I got it on and adjusted, it was great. Now I just slip it on and off. Its compact and travels well. So simple and the best part is, it is totally affordable. I don’t have to type 1 handed anymore!

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5.0 out of 5 stars GET THIS!!!, March 26, 2014
kp –
Thought this was too good to be true, but it’s not. Super easy to use. MUCH easier than a standard nursing bra. And super cheap! Life saver. I can now very quickly pump in my office while typing and taking conference calls. Thank you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Inexpensive and does the job, March 17, 2014
This product it great for any mother who needs both hand. Perhaps you are working in a private office at the computer, but need to pump? This product will free up your hands. I gave it a 5/5 because it is highly effective, compatible with any double breast pump, and light and compact!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Compact and easy, March 10, 2014
C. Redmon (Tennessee) –
I was interested in this over the bands because it was smaller and gave better access for me to massage my breasts. I pump 3 times a day (15-20 minutes each) at work and have been using this for a week now. I practiced with it at home to make sure I knew what I was doing. For such simple materials it’s made a bit more complicated-looking. The clasps aren’t very comfortable behind the neck, but for the price I suppose that’s just what you get. It lookes home-made, but at least you can pick other colors. I like its compactness. My ‘pump bag’ doesn’t have much room after I have my cooler pack and pump in it. I also liked that I can easily massage my breasts near the end of a pumping session. With the bands, it appeared to me that they just kind of smoosh everything in, and I’m a 40DDD, so that just didn’t sound comfortable. As long as your flanges fit well, this hands free kit is great. Being relaxed and more comfortable during my pumping sessions allowed me to pass the time more easily and less stress and distraction over counting the ounces.