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Simplicity is a new type of hands free bra kit. Its highly functional allowing for a firm hold on the breast shields and cups even when full. It works as designed and comes in a variety of colorful options. Simplicity is just as it names states as well….Simple and easy use and transport.  Simplicity hands free bra attaches in seconds and is extremely compact fits in a purse easily. It is not cumbersome or unwieldy unlike other hands free pumping bras. Fitting is easy! One size fits all. No Need to check what size you are. But best of all Simplicity may increase milk supply when used with hands on pumping.



Simplicity enables hands on pumping technique. This technique has been shown to almost double milk production in women as well as increase the quality of the breast milk pumped. Pumped milk with this technique has almost double the fat content. So More milk and better fat rich calorie dense milk. What could be better for you!

Best of all Simplicity is affordable. It’s so inexpensive many women buy two, one for home and one for work.





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