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LactaMed Survey Points to Faster Pumping Time with Simplicity Hands Free Bra Kit

LactaMed Survey Points to Faster Pumping Time with Simplicity Hands Free Bra Kit

LactaMed has been conducting a survey of its customers to find out more information on how they use the Simplicity Hands Free Bra Kit. Below are partial survey results. The most surprising results of this survey are the mothers who massage almost 75% reported faster pumping times and 90% reported increase in milk volume using the Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit. This is an ongoing survey so we will keep you updated on results. N=30

  1. What is your bra and cup size? NA

  2. Overall how do you rate your Simplicity? 1-5 stars 5 being best and why?   4.6

  3. How did the Simplicity fit and hold the breast shields? 4.7 out of 5 stars

  1. Did you use the Massage and Pumping technique? How did this work? What technique worked best? How many times per day do you use your Simplicity? Massage was practiced by 71% of all mothers. If we drill down in the data, the Mothers that massaged 91% of these mothers reported additional milk output. Mothers that did not massage some had oversupply, others just wanted to multitask. Some did not answer the question.

  2. If yes, how much more milk did you get with Massage + Pumping versus pumping alone?

           Most no answer on amount, OF the mothers that answered the  range was  .25 to 3 ounces more per session on those that reported results

  1. How long are you planning on Breastfeeding? Will Simplicity help you breastfeed Longer?

           Average = 11.75 months  Yes Mothers reported that Simplicity will help 71% of the time … 25% no answer to this part of question

  1. Is using Massage plus Pumping faster than pumping alone? Yes, according to 61% of all mothers responding to the survey. Drilling down on the data, mothers that massaged while pumping  76% reported faster pumping times. For some mothers the question was not applicable such as if they had an issue with oversupply of breastmilk and did not massage. The faster pumping times is very significant as this is an issue that many mothers are looking for solutions to.

  1. If you said faster on question 8, how much faster is massage plus pumping? Most had no answer.  The range was from a little bit more to scattered response of 5-10 minutes faster or 2X.


This survey has the surprising result in identifying that massage may be a factor in the faster pumping times that mothers are reporting when using the Simplicity™ hands free Bra Kit. Faster breast pumping times can assist a variety of mothers especially those that have a large amount of pumping needed such as moms with babies in the NICU. It can also help mothers that return back to work or are utilizing Corporate Lactation Programs. Mothers that utilize the WIC program also can benefit from faster times.

Massage has been report by Dr. Morton and Dr. Winslow as to production of more milk by completely emptying the breast as well as the extraction of rich hind milk. This new survey now points that those faster pumping times may also be achievable.

Surveys are imprecise vehicles to gather information as it is hard to control variables. However, the result of 76% of mothers reporting faster pumping times when massaging while pumping indicates that additional research should be conducted by appropriate medical staff of massage techniques.

Simplicity Hands Free bra is the fastest growing category of Breastfeeding accessories so inclusion of these type of products in research maybe warranted as well


Massage with Simplicity hands free bra gives strong indications that this technique will benefit some women from faster pumping as well as with being able to express additional milk. Additional research is needed to firmly back this conclusion. LactaMed will continue its ongoing survey to firm up this results as well.

Mothers in this survey were committed to breastfeeding and with some additional support such as an inexpensive Simplicity hands free bra the average length that mothers wanted to breastfeed average 11.71 months which is way above reported averages.

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