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DiaperHero™ Diaper Scale

DiaperHero™ Diaper Scale

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DiaperHero™ is a fun new way to change diapers for the whole family. DiaperHero™ records the weight of a diaper using a Bluetooth scale and carefully tracks the details of each diaper change, including who changed the diaper. Family members use DiaperHero™ for fun to compete for badges, rewards, and other incentives as diaper changing milestones are achieved. Who changes the most diapers? The DiaperHero!

DiaperHero™ is the newest app that helps you track your baby’s diaper changes.

DiaperHero™ is the newest app that helps you track your baby’s diapers and makes diaper changing a fun challenge that will get the whole family involved. With badges and easy-to-read analytics, DiaperHero™ helps you monitor your baby’s health through diapers. DiaperHero™ automatically records the weight of each diaper using a Bluetooth scale and by generating reports, graphs, and updates, you stay up-to-date on the changes in your baby’s diapers over time.

Weigh diapers
Track the number of diapers changed
Earn badges as you reach milestones
Take photos of diapers
Email pictures and graphs to friends and family
Submit photos for “Diaper of the Day”

Everything you need to track, analyze, and have fun with changing diapers!



Weight12 lbs
Dimensions5 x 5 x 2 in

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