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English Study Confirms Massage Has Benefits to Milk Expression

English Study Confirms Massage Has Benefits to Milk Expression

A study by Jones in 2001 confirms that massage has benefits for milk expression of mothers. The full study is available here  Jones English Study 2001 methods of Expression .

One of the key finding of this study is the importance of one-on-one teaching of this technique with mothers. The need for this teaching should not be underestimated. NICU’s and lactation educators should ensure proper teaching of the massaging and HOP techniques.

In conclusion, this trial has shown conclusively that both milk volume and fat yield can be improved by skilled lactation advice initially, and with the use of simultaneous pumping and breast massage after delivery. There is strong evidence that tactile stimulation of mammary and nipple tissue facilitates both prolactin and oxytocin responses. The use of massage was very popular with all study participants. Women felt strongly that expression without preconditioning by massage was more difficult, and many were reluctant to drop the method to complete days 2/4 of the trial.